How To Check Du Balance

The United Arab Emirates’ Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Firm Ltd. introduced the mobile network company Du, in 2006. (EITC). It provides efficient 5G services and postpaid and prepaid subscriptions with the lowest possible call fee.There are various approaches available for you to learn how to check your Du balance. As one of these two most popular telecommunication service providers in the UAE, Du offers postpaid and prepaid services that are ideal for people who only need to know how much credit or balance they have left.

For prepaid or postpaid service subscribers, there are two most difficult things that they could experience. One is not knowing the amount of balance available in their prepaid, and the second is not knowing if their postpaid charges have gone beyond their credit card limit.The good thing is that as long as you have internet connectivity or some remaining data, there are loads of ways for you to check your du balance regardless of where you are. Learn how by reading on…

How To Check Du Balance

Ways to check your du balance

According to the information published by TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority)., there are roughly 20,000,000 individuals in the UAE with active cellphone subscriptions.

This directs that a substantial number of residents in the UAE use cell phones in their everyday lives. However, did you know that Du, one of the leading telecommunications operators in the UAE, allows subscribers to check their prepaid and postpaid balances and reload their prepaid accounts online? This is how…

Checking Prepaid Du Balance!

Method 1: Check Du Balance via the DU app:

The ability to check your remaining voice and data minutes online actually saves you the most time. The quickest way to check your data balance is via Du’s official application.

Method 2:

Go to and Log in is a substitute for the Du mobile app. By logging into the Du online portal, you can easily find the information about your remaining data balance.

Method 3: Through SMS to 1233:

Sending an SMS to 1233 with the text “Rewards” can help you to check your remaining balance. In addition, notifications regarding your usage and available balance will be sent to you quickly through SMS when you reach the limitation, whether it be 75 percent, 85 percent, or 100 percent.

du balance check

Checking your Postpaid Du Balance

You may quickly find the balance remaining in your Du sim by entering *135# for free. You will then get a text of validation with the necessary balance details.
You can also use your phone’s in-built texting application to send an SMS to 1355 to check your available balance.

Method 1: Check Du Balance Via Shortcode using *135#

Send the text “Balance” to 1355 at any moment to check how much du balance is available. To check your du balance for free, enter *135# and press the call button to send the command. You will receive a notification with your remaining balance details.

Method 2: Check your Du Balance Online:

The Du online portal is an alternative way to check your du balance. You can check your Du balance online by logging into the web interface. Then, follow the given commands on the portal, and you are good to go.

Method 3: Check Du balance via Du Application:

The official Du app, available for download on both the App Store and Play Store, is the simplest method to check your available du balance. First, sign into the Du smartphone application after downloading it. If you do not already have a Du app account, setting one up will require a few seconds.After signing in, you may manage your phone and data subscriptions and check your balance.

Advantages of using the Du application:

You can quickly check your remaining credit and active packages on du sim. First, however, you must ensure that you have the du App on your cell phone. The Du app is highly user-friendly. If you are no longer in the UAE, you can still handle your Du Sim effortlessly.

One benefit of utilizing the Du App is the ability to set up the automatic billing feature so you won’t forget to pay your bills. Additionally, you can benefit from the app’s free mobile payments feature, which is accessible to both prepaid and postpaid users.

This blog has listed several methods to assist you in checking your du balance for both types of subscriptions, i.e., prepaid and postpaid. As a result, you can trace your transactions more effectively and, more critically, control your spending as necessary by actively monitoring your du balance.


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