How to check du number

Du, established in Dubai, is the country’s second-largest telecom company and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company’s brand name.

If you are a Du user and have misplaced or cannot recall your Du number, we can help you by providing a range of methods to obtain it. Everyone finds it difficult to recall their cell number, particularly if they have poor memory, operate numerous SIM cards, have not utilized the SIM card in a while, etc.

Whatever the reason is, there are simple solutions available to check and retrieve your du number. So, without delaying any further, let’s begin discussing them one by one.

  1. Lookup Your Du Number Via USSD Codes

For the ease of its consumers, each telecommunications company issues USSD codes. These are unique codes that customers can use to access information about their accounts, including their account status, expiration, data consumption, packages, and deals. You can precisely discover your Du number.

To find out your Du number, you can use a USSD code. You are not required to have balance and eligibility to use this method.


  1. Go to the Du Outlet

Want to find your Du cell number, but all you have is a non-functional Du SIM card as a source of information? The best thing to do is to go to the Du outlet that is nearby to find your Du number. Unfortunately, the SIM card frequently malfunctions because it may be damaged.

You are then unable to use the SIM card, which prevents you from initiating calls, using your USSD identifier, or starting the application. Instead, carry the SIM card and the legal ID you used to purchase the SIM to the nearby DU franchise. You can ask the client support representative for help in locating your SIM number.

  1. See the SIM package

The SIM pack needs to be kept both safe and within easy reach for it will allow you to find your Du number quickly. The Du number is printed on every SIM package. It is preferable to save the pack for future purposes, especially for elderly or forgetful individuals.

Even if you intend to throw away the packet, jot down the Du number wherever you can readily find it before disposing of it.

  1. Obtain Du number through the Du official app

This method of memorizing your number is incredibly practical and quick for mobile phone users and regular Du application users. In addition, you can find the Du number at the top of the home window if you have logged in to the app.

This approach will not work if you are not already signed in because you will need to provide your Du number to sign in first. Therefore, you will not be able to access your Du app account since you cannot recall your Du number.

  1. Call on the Du Customer Support

The Du support number, which is also completely free, is not widely known. So, you can dial the Du support line number if you do not have anyone nearby to call to check out your number. Then, contact the number to receive free assistance from the customer care team on your Du number.

Moreover, you should not fret about business hours because their support is available around-the-clock.

Other Methods to Check the Du Number

There are additional methods for finding Du numbers in addition to the ones stated. First, make a phone call if you have enough credit on your Du SIM. Your number will appear on their cell phone screen when you call them.

Then, you can jot down the Du number. You can also ask your friends and family for assistance by seeing whether they have your Du number in their contacts. There’s a possibility that someone has written down your phone number.

How to Remember your Du Number

  1. After you receive the Du number, instantly store it in your SIM database so you won’t forget it.
  2. Create a business card for your company if you own one so you will not have to keep repeating your number.
  3. A blank paper with your phone number should be kept in the purse/wallet. Therefore, you always have the number available when you need to recharge wherever you go.
  4. The DU app is the most effective method for memorizing the number; once you have signed in, it will always be secure.































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